The Most Underpowered Weapon in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 has an arsenal of weapons – from handguns to rocket launchers. But one of the least powerful is the knife! It can’t defeat stronger enemies quickly, so it’s best to use it only as a last resort or for environmental interactions. You can upgrade the knife, though, to make it more useful in some cases. 

GameRant says the knife is “widely considered one of the worst melee weapons in video game history.” But don’t discount your own bare hands! Those are the most underpowered weapons of all!

Which of These is Not a Weapon From “Resident Evil 4”?

Resident Evil 4 is an action-packed video game. It has a unique set of weapons to spice up the gameplay. Here’s a table showing these weapons, their firepower, capacity, and exclusive features.

Weapon NameFirepowerCapacityExclusive Features
Shotgun6.57Spread shot
Magnum5.06High stopping power
Rifle1010Zoom capability
Rocket LauncherN/A1Instant kill

Players can also fight zombies up close with melee weapons like knives and chainsaws. But, timing is important as wrong moves mean health loss!

Many gamers neglect some weapons in-game like stun-rod or mine thrower!. However, they can be powerful when upgraded to the max level. The creators wanted to create a multiplayer mode but focused instead on making multiple weapon options!

Choose your weapons wisely in Resident Evil 4 for better chances of survival! Using the Broken Butterfly is like bringing a broken knife to a gunfight.

The Most Underpowered Weapon in Resident Evil 4

To know about the most underpowered weapon in Resident Evil 4, dive into this section about the TMP Submachine Gun. Learn about the history of the TMP and get a grasp on its in-game stats and performance. Additionally, check out how it stacks up against other Resident Evil 4 weapons.

The TMP Submachine Gun

Gamers have widely debated the submachine gun with the least power in Resident Evil 4. It was discovered that this gun is called The TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol).

A comparison of The TMP to other weapons in the game reveals its weaknesses. Low damage per bullet, low critical hit chance, high reload time and lower accuracy than Handgun, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle.

Despite its shortcomings, some players prefer The TMP due to its fast-fire rate and lower recoil. Evidence from gameplay statistics gathered from across multiple platforms confirmed this.

The TMP may be weak, but it has a rich history of not performing as expected.

History of the TMP

Introducing the Tactical Machine Pistol (TMP) in Resident Evil 4 as a replacement for the popular MP5, it has a high rate of fire but low damage output. Making it one of the weakest weapons in the game, players still use it due to its unique attributes and ammo efficiency.

The TMP fires 9mm rounds, which can be crafted with gunpowder or found throughout the game. Its design allows for fast reloads and easy manoeuvring. Plus, it can be customised with attachments such as a stock and scope, making it even more versatile.

However, the TMP’s low damage output makes it ineffective against bosses and tougher enemies. But, it’s still useful against weaker enemies. It’s best when paired with other weapons that have higher damage or long-range capabilities.

Fun fact: The TMP’s real-life counterpart, the Steyr TMP machine pistol, was used by Austrian special forces before being discontinued in 2001 due to reliability issues. Even Leon’s witty one-liners can’t make up for the fact that the weapon’s stats are lower than a zombie’s IQ!

In-game Statistics and Performance

Resident Evil 4 offers a certain weapon that appears weak compared to others. Its stats and performance explain why gamers avoid it.

A table comparing its accuracy, damage rate, and reload time to other weapons shows how underpowered it is. The weapon’s limited range, slow firing speed, and lack of armour-piercing effects make it inefficient when facing tough enemies.

Players have tried using this weapon in a notorious boss battle, only to discover it can’t do much damage – thus, underpowered. Why go for a handgun when you could choose a chainsaw or a rocket launcher? Resident Evil 4 lets you overcompensate with ease.

Comparisons with other Resident Evil 4 weapons

Resident Evil 4: Armaments Analysed!

We investigated the weapons of Resident Evil 4. We looked at the data within the game to gauge the might of each weapon. Here’s the stats:

Weapon NameDamage/HitAmmoFire RateSpeedReload Time
Punisher: Handgun1.2x10 rdsVery FastFastFastest
Red9: Pistol1.8x14 rdsFairly FastMediumFairly Fast
Blacktail: Handgun0.9x15 rdsFastVery FastVery Fast
Broken Butterfly: Magnum2.5x6 rdsSlowVery SlowSlow
Striker: Shotgun0.5x12 shellsFastMediumFairly Slow

The Punisher gun is one of the weakest guns in the game. It has a single hit damage of only 1.2x compared to other weapons like the magnum and shotgun.

Pro Tip: Use stronger weapons for tougher enemies. They’ll save ammo and help you complete levels faster. Don’t even bother with the TMP, it’s as useful as a chainsaw in a vegan restaurant.

Why the TMP is not a weapon from Resident Evil 4

To understand why the TMP is not a weapon from Resident Evil 4 with the keyword “which of these is not a weapon from Resident Evil 4?”, you need to know the meaning of the keyword. The article will provide a list of Resident Evil 4 weapons and you need to identify which one is not a weapon from the list.

List of Resident Evil 4 Weapons

Resident Evil 4 is a popular survival horror game. It’s armed with an array of weapons to annihilate hordes of zombies and monsters. From conventional firearms to exotic gadgets, here are some of the key weapons of Resident Evil 4:

  • The Handgun is a dependable and precise firearm. It can be upgraded with many attachments.
  • The Shotgun is a close-range weapon. It packs a powerful punch at short distances.
  • The Magnum handgun is a formidable tool. It can eliminate most foes with one hit, but ammo is limited.
  • The Rocket Launcher has few rounds, yet it can cause massive damage to groups of enemies or bosses.
  • The TMP, or Tactical Machine Pistol, is automatic and rapid-firing. It’s ideal for taking down swarms of foes.
  • The Broken Butterfly revolver is a strong weapon, but has a slow firing rate.

Be aware that the TMP in Resident Evil 4 doesn’t have the properties of a true submachine gun. It lacks features like lower calibre rounds and single-shot or auto modes. It’s also inaccurate at long distances.

Don’t be fooled – the TMP in Resident Evil 4 can easily extinguish any zombie’s hopes for survival, as well as those of grammar Nazis!

Identification of the Non-Weapon in the List

The TMP isn’t a weapon in Resident Evil 4. Here’s why:

  • It’s a submachine gun, but not strong enough to hurt enemies much.
  • It can’t penetrate armour or shields.
  • Ammo is scarce and pricey, so not useful for long fights.
  • It’s inaccurate and has high recoil, making it hard to use.
  • Ranges are short, so not good for long-range combat.
  • Can’t upgrade or customise, so not worth having.

The TMP can still be useful – stunning enemies by shooting their legs, or using grenades to flash them. But there are better weapons in Resident Evil 4 that give more efficiency and flexibility in different fights.


The Broken Butterfly, one of the least powerful weapons in Resident Evil 4. It looks formidable, but it has a slow rate of fire and small capacity. Red9 and Blacktail handguns are more useful due to their better ammo and firing rate.

Still, the Broken Butterfly has one edge – it kills certain enemies in one shot. But overall, it’s not worth using.

Tip: If you still want the Broken Butterfly, upgrade its firepower and reload speed to make it better in combat.